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you can call me mrs.

lets just say the blog world has been the last thing on my mind as of late. but NOW, things are heatin up.

mr. h and i are moved into our new home and seriously loving life.  during engagement everyone warns you about how challenging  marriage is. yes yes yes, but i have also found it to be the most joyfilled thing i have ever done.  more on that later.

decorating our home has been a pain in the butt.

also, thrilling.

it is no small task to combine two peoples personal belongings into one small apartment. throw in a couple hundred wedding presents and we’ve got ourselves some solid material chaos.

but here’s the real truth: i’m a decorating snob.

i have no training. i know very little about the formal elements of decorating. but i do know my style and i know it well.

in the months (ok ok years) leading up to our marriage i have been carefully curating my decor style. from art prints, to salt + pepper shakers.

 i can get inspired by a container of salt. this is just reality.

especially if they look like this:

thank you crate&barrel

i’m not going frank lloyd wright all over this apartment, but i can appreciate some cohesive integrated design.

oodles of decor details are to come as well as a stack of delish newlywed meals i’ve been experimenting with. ooooh baby.

also, this beautiful sight brings tears to my eyes.



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handmade home.

the big news in my world today is that you can now create wedding registries on etsy.

ohhhh God is good to me.

 i can already imagine exactly where to put these…

Rustic wooden rack shelf - for papers knickknacks whatever

Modern 5-Peg Coat Rack - TWIGGY series - 'Up and Down'

Rain Tree Fine Art Giclee PRINT 16x20 from original oil painting by yangyang pan

if you are a bride to be i would highly recommend giving this a go!

you might be able to slip in a couple things just for you…


Pastel mint necklace

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sunday spoils.

i don’t know much about this blog business….

but i do know that if you experience joy rearranging furniture,

stock piling paint chips,

cooking lemon curd,

 buying golden swans at dirty second hand stores,

and painting wood really bright colors….

then you and i are going to get along just fine.


with that being said,

say hello to my sunday spoils.

frames $1.50 each

silk scarves $2.00 each

bowl $4.00

i basically sprinted to this minty gold gem.

stay tuned for where it turns up once i start decorating my new home!

ohhh it is about to get exciting around here.

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a little independence day pork.

in attempt to find something delicious for our wedding menu,

my pa and i whipped up this little number and i have decided to share the love.

this will certainly snazz up your dinner menu this week. come along for the ride.

stuffed pork chops with orange marmalade glaze.

season your chops with olive oil, salt and pepper. for the record, i use kosher salt & fresh black pepper. slice those bad boys in half leaving about half an inch on each side to form a small pocket.

now to the stuffing.

i used martha’s homemade stuffing… deeeelish.

i have also made this with goat cheese and fresh herbs which is also extremely delightful. the alternate recepie is as follows:

combine 4 oz goat cheese & FRESH [seriously, don’t settle for their dried counterparts] rosemary, thyme, & sage chopped up together. how much you want is really up to you. i used about a tablespoon of chopped herbs. mix to combine.

ok back to it. meanwhile, you can whip up your glaze by adding  2 tsp balsamic vinegar to 1/4 cup orange marmalade.

you can now begin to stuff. this gets messy. and is very worth it. while at this point they don’t look very appealing, i promise you’ll be glad you added the toothpick sutures to hold in your stuffing goods.

follow up by giving your chops a nice glaze bath. mmmm.

you could bake these but i think that the ultimate choice is to grill them.

it adds a carmelized crunchy exterior. who doesn’t want that??

serve this with a side of risotto & steamed veggies, perhaps?

you’re welcome.

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jewel to sparkle.

lately i have been finding myself with an extensive amount of time to spare between the thrill of unemployment & the sporadic chaos of wedding planning.

i started a wall of projects to ensure my creative juices remain aflowin’.

with all the magnificent statement necklaces out in the world that i cannot nearly afford (remember how i said i was unemployed… AND wedding planning??) i decided to take matters into my own paws.

does this gem wonderland indulge you? read on my friend.

i was looking for larger ones but michaels only had these smaller guys. i found some bigger&better ones on amazon…next time.

so here is what you need:

large plastic gems

a circle sheet of plastic canvas

tacky glue (i used fast drying but it still took a million years)

20 gauge wire


one. start by cutting your plastic canvas into about a third of the circle. you can cut down later if you need to.

two. begin adding gems. i made two layers to cover all of the plastic.

three. wrap your wire around and tuck the ends into the holes in the canvas

four. run your ribbon through the wire on the back and voila!

you’ve got yourself a snazzzy new statement necklace for approximately $8!

there are a trillion different options with this general idea… go have fun.