you can call me mrs.

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lets just say the blog world has been the last thing on my mind as of late. but NOW, things are heatin up.

mr. h and i are moved into our new home and seriously loving life.  during engagement everyone warns you about how challenging  marriage is. yes yes yes, but i have also found it to be the most joyfilled thing i have ever done.  more on that later.

decorating our home has been a pain in the butt.

also, thrilling.

it is no small task to combine two peoples personal belongings into one small apartment. throw in a couple hundred wedding presents and we’ve got ourselves some solid material chaos.

but here’s the real truth: i’m a decorating snob.

i have no training. i know very little about the formal elements of decorating. but i do know my style and i know it well.

in the months (ok ok years) leading up to our marriage i have been carefully curating my decor style. from art prints, to salt + pepper shakers.

 i can get inspired by a container of salt. this is just reality.

especially if they look like this:

thank you crate&barrel

i’m not going frank lloyd wright all over this apartment, but i can appreciate some cohesive integrated design.

oodles of decor details are to come as well as a stack of delish newlywed meals i’ve been experimenting with. ooooh baby.

also, this beautiful sight brings tears to my eyes.



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