a little independence day pork.

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in attempt to find something delicious for our wedding menu,

my pa and i whipped up this little number and i have decided to share the love.

this will certainly snazz up your dinner menu this week. come along for the ride.

stuffed pork chops with orange marmalade glaze.

season your chops with olive oil, salt and pepper. for the record, i use kosher salt & fresh black pepper. slice those bad boys in half leaving about half an inch on each side to form a small pocket.

now to the stuffing.

i used martha’s homemade stuffing… deeeelish.

i have also made this with goat cheese and fresh herbs which is also extremely delightful. the alternate recepie is as follows:

combine 4 oz goat cheese & FRESH [seriously, don’t settle for their dried counterparts] rosemary, thyme, & sage chopped up together. how much you want is really up to you. i used about a tablespoon of chopped herbs. mix to combine.

ok back to it. meanwhile, you can whip up your glaze by adding  2 tsp balsamic vinegar to 1/4 cup orange marmalade.

you can now begin to stuff. this gets messy. and is very worth it. while at this point they don’t look very appealing, i promise you’ll be glad you added the toothpick sutures to hold in your stuffing goods.

follow up by giving your chops a nice glaze bath. mmmm.

you could bake these but i think that the ultimate choice is to grill them.

it adds a carmelized crunchy exterior. who doesn’t want that??

serve this with a side of risotto & steamed veggies, perhaps?

you’re welcome.


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