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jewel to sparkle.

lately i have been finding myself with an extensive amount of time to spare between the thrill of unemployment & the sporadic chaos of wedding planning.

i started a wall of projects to ensure my creative juices remain aflowin’.

with all the magnificent statement necklaces out in the world that i cannot nearly afford (remember how i said i was unemployed… AND wedding planning??) i decided to take matters into my own paws.

does this gem wonderland indulge you? read on my friend.

i was looking for larger ones but michaels only had these smaller guys. i found some bigger&better ones on amazon…next time.

so here is what you need:

large plastic gems

a circle sheet of plastic canvas

tacky glue (i used fast drying but it still took a million years)

20 gauge wire


one. start by cutting your plastic canvas into about a third of the circle. you can cut down later if you need to.

two. begin adding gems. i made two layers to cover all of the plastic.

three. wrap your wire around and tuck the ends into the holes in the canvas

four. run your ribbon through the wire on the back and voila!

you’ve got yourself a snazzzy new statement necklace for approximately $8!

there are a trillion different options with this general idea… go have fun.