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well you have somehow stumbled onto my new&improved blog.


let us start out by debriefing the ever disappointing day of valentines.

when in elementary school, it was a  day of forced love from parents sending their children with heart shaped antacids and small notes of “hi i think you’re cute” from that smokin 5th grader you had your eye on since 2nd grade.

middle school is about how many carnations you can get delivered to you while you are in class. there is no shame in sending yourself 5…right?

 it somehow gets more lame in high school, as your expectations increase (no one knows why) and you find yourself thinking you are going to go to your car at lunch and find a dozen roses under the wiper with a note from your boyfriend (who you are 100% convinced you will marry, by the way) saying that you’re the most wonderful woman in the world.

vday in college is usually just depressing. bring on the candy.

so here i find myself.. a twenty something not really sure where i am in life [girl], anticipating the end of her last ‘single’ valentine’s day.

what better way to celebrate an excuse for girls to have expectations for the men in (or not in… lets be honest) their lives than to throw a little partay just for us. thus we find ourselves at galentine’s day. thanks leslie knope.

since i have just about the greatest job on the planet right now; i found myself with time, energy, and creativity to burn.

[if throwing parties is not in your job description i would highly suggest a career change].

first things first.

what is a party without a photobooth? you guessed it! a lame one.

i created this fringed tissue paper backdrop which was eaaaaaasy & turned out just delightful!

i snagged some 1 pt mason jars, tossed in some little red hearts, added a couple pretty straws from garnish and voila!

&everyone loves a party with favors…

so there we have it!

pretty sure that this whole no expectations thing is going to bite me in the butt after this one.

mr. almost husband won’t be nearly as excited about fringe backdrops & heart shaped brownies as a bunch of 20 year old girls.

well.. maybe the brownies.


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